Living and Sharing the Gospel Through the Gift of Furniture.


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We work with cooperating partner ministries in north metro Atlanta to identify those in need and with churches and schools to provide volunteers and furniture.

Why Does Furniture Matter?

Most of us take for granted family time around our dinner table, relaxing on our sofa, and getting a good night sleep in our comfortable bed. For many families emerging from homelessness and other difficult situations, however, these simple pleasures are beyond their reach. “Furnitureless-ness” is hard to say and harder to identify! It’s a problem that resides behind closed doors. But, in over a decade of service, Movers & Shakers has repeatedly seen families who have a place to live, but little to make that place a home. Families sit on the floor for meals, there’s no comfortable place to relax, and children sleep on the floor.

Realizing the necessity of furniture to help bring a family together, and promote health and education through proper rest, the Movers & Shakers Furniture Ministry collects and distributes donated furniture to those in need throughout the north metro Atlanta area. In addition we desire to pray for and serve our recipients, donors, and volunteers.

You Are Part of a Bigger Story

While providing furniture to a family in need may seem like a transactional, point-in-time event, our partner model allows us and our donors to be part of a bigger story. Most of our partners form longer-term relationships with clients to help them overcome the deeper issues that led them to their point of need. These include lack of life skills, various forms of abuse, and spiritual brokenness. Working with Movers & Shakers to provide clients essential furniture allows our partner ministries to deepen client relationships and more effectively work with them on their true life issues.

Our partner ministries include food co-ops, transitional housing programs, and churches. Like Movers & Shakers, they are working to improve and transform their clients’ lives. By supporting Movers & Shakers, you are also helping extend our partners ministries’ work. Click here to view our list of partners and link to their websites for more information.

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