Who receives your furniture or appliance donations?

We are helping families strategically through our ministry partner community organizations. Clients need a referral to receive your generously donated furniture. See ourĀ Partners and Sponsors pages for more info.

What items are acceptable for donation?

Donated items that are accepted include beds, couches, chairs, dressers, kitchen table & chairs, counter-top microwaves, dressers, and beds. Items should be in good to excellent condition fit for continued use. In order to assure quality donations, efficiently use storage space, and maintain a proper inventory, we reserve the right to decline donations.

Will I receive a tax donation receipt?

Yes, Movers & Shakers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If our driver does not provide a form, please contact us at admin@atlmovershsnakers.org.

Can I call to have my furniture picked up today?

Unfortunately, we are not staffed to provide same-day pickup. Please register your donation to be picked up on one of our upcoming work days.

How can I receive furniture?

To receive furniture from Movers & Shakers, please contact one of our Ministry Partners listed on our Partners and Sponsors page. They will be happy to help qualify you to receive furniture through Movers & Shakers.

Can I serve court ordered community service hours with Movers & Shakers?

Not at this time.

Will Movers & Shakers provide me with moving services?

Sorry, we do not provide moving services.