We are excited to have you serve with us! Please complete the form below to tell us a little about yourself. We look forward to serving with you. Here are some current needs that we have:

Pickup & Deliver Furniture

No regular commitment required. Respond when available. Show up, follow directions, have fun, move furniture, meet people,etc. Husband and wives and children (11 and up best) welcome.


Picks up the truck, greets the volunteers, coordinates loading and creating teams, casts vision for the day and leads in prayer. Insurance provided. Waiver form required.

Needs Assessor (NA)

0-4 hours per week. Receives “needs” and makes contact with the individual (or sponsor or partner ministry) to determine validity of need and details of what’s needed. Often involves learning about the person’s situation and offering additional advice and guidance. At the NA’s discretion the person may be visited. Visit warehouse to identify and tag needed items. (Recipients are not allowed to visit the warehouse to pick things out or pick things up but sponsors can). Notify NIC when all items are ready for delivery.

Maps & Routes

Develop pickup & delivery routes for workdays. No mapping experience required. Training provided.

Church / Business Outreach

Seeks new Shepherding Partners and maintains regular communication with them regarding status of the relationship. Seeks and develops and communicates a resource list of referral ministries for other needs that arise but are not met by Movers and Shakers. Develops marketing materials for promoting the ministry: newsletter articles, testimonials, web updates to help generate donations.

Social Media

Develops and maintains Movers & Shakers presence on social networking sites (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)


Develops and distributes newsletters, emails, testimonials, and website updates, to keep the ministry’s constituents informed of ministry successes, needs, and other ministry news. No technical experience required. Training provided.


Amateur or professional photographer needed to photograph workdays and other M&S events for publication.


We welcome students who need community service hours to meet school requirements. (Please note, however, we are unable to provide court-ordered community service hours.)

Back Office / Administrative Roles

Needs Intake Coordinator (NIC)

5-10 hours per week. Check hotline voicemail and web generated e-mails for new “needs”. Based on information provided (or phone call if needed) prioritize these needs and assign to Needs Assessors for screening. Based on Needs Assessors assessment, work with NA to schedule deliveries. Provide delivery information to Scheduler 3 days ahead of scheduled move days. This job works best when the individual has basic spreadsheet and email skills and good organization.

Donations Coordinator

Receives and logs on spreadsheet web (and voicemail) donation offers. Contacts, screens for quality and schedules pickups.

Move Coordinator

2-6 hours per week. Schedules work days, recruits volunteers (groups and individuals), recruits drivers and takes care of driver paperwork, reserves trucks. etc.

Volunteer Registration

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We are excited to have you volunteer with us! Please complete the form below to tell us a little about yourself. We look forward to serving with you.